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Military Helicopter

The Mi-2 helicopter is a comfortable means of air transport over medium distances. It can safely land and take off using small flat areas and confined landing sites. With its ability of sustained hover, it posses complete freedom of landing site selection.

Mi-2, two turbine-engines now have FULL resource (5 years) between overhauls for frame, engines, blades and reductor (just now on maintenance plant)

Capacity: 2 pilots+6 (up to 8) passengers assigned lifetime approx until 2009 Helicopter is in VERY good condition.

This helicopter type is certified in western world, you can find it at any catalogue.
Additional equipment available.

Price: $Inquire

email: mi-2@projectboats.com

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mi-2 helicopter for sale by owner

More about the Mi-2 Military Helicopter



Max. speed 210 km/h
Cruising speed 190 km/h
Service ceiling 4000 m
Range with aux. Fuel 580 m

Flight endurance in aerial application (with 5% fuel reserve)

Dusting 50 min
Spraying 40 min


Main rotor disc area 166.5 m2
Stabilizer area 0.7 m2

Weights Empty weight (version equipped)

Passenger version 2402 Kg
Transport version 2372 Kg
Ambulance/medevac version 2372 Kg
Agriculture version 2560 Kg

Max. takeoff weight 3550 Kg

Tank and Hopper Capacities 600 l

Main fuel tank capacity 2*238 l
Auxiliary fuel tank capacity 2*500 l

Hopper capacity (usable) 800 Kg

External Dimensions

Main rotor diameter 14.56 m

Length overall, rotors running 17.48 m
Length of helicopter (Without blades) 11.94 m
Height, no tail rotor 3.75 m
Tail rotor diameter 2.70 m
Wheel track 3.25 m
Wheel base 2.71 m

Internal dimensions

Cockpit length 1800 mm
Passenger cabin length 2270 mm
Cabin width 1600 mm
Passenger cabin height 1400 mm


Helicopters for Sale by Owner

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